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Millwright Canada 


Soil Improvement

Lawn care, Soil improvement, weed free

Our Latest Blog Entry: Understanding soil

15 March 2020

Soil is made up of inorganic particles, sand, silt, and clay as well as organic matter, air and water.

Lawn care, Soil improvement,Weed free

Our Second Blog Entry: Soil texture test

14 February 2020

Lightly squeeze a handful of moist soil. If the clump crumbles, the soil is sandy. If it forms a sticky ball, it's clay.

Lawn care, Soil improvement,Weed free

Our First Blog Entry:  Clay Soil & Sandy Soil

15 January 2020

Clay soil is compromise of extremely tiny soil particles that stick together when wet and leave only a little space for air  when the soil is dry.

Sandy soil is made up of very large, slick soil particles,  so water passes through quickly.